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Our hope is to end homelessness for every person who walks through our doors. That’s why the goal of The Rescue Mission is to offer a hand up, not a hand out. For us, the first task is to meet our residents’ immediate needs – food, clothing and shelter. Then we help each resident determine his or her long-term needs through counseling and case management.

Whether they’re struggling with substance abuse, poor money management, mental health issues, or a lack of education and skills – we offer practical help. Our programs and community connections provide addiction counseling, employment assistance, educational advancement, transportation, meals, and safe shelter for men, women and children.

We believe that no matter the need, we can meet it, with the help of other local agencies. By connecting people with the resources needed to rebuild their lives, we hope to prevent panhandling in our community. But we need your help. Every time you offer Real Change, instead of just giving spare change, you’re helping us end homelessness in northeast Indiana.

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  • By showing love, The Rescue Mission helped Adam start the journey toward recovery.

  • At Life House, Brad found faith and friendship when he needed it most.

  • Charis House helped Cynthia and her daughter rebuild their life together.

  • After losing hope, Jen and her kids found happiness and a home.

  • Sherry found forgiveness and freedom from drug abuse at Charis House.

  • Tim’s a regular guy who needed a new start. Find out how he got back on his feet.